Eclipses & Transits

The rarity and / or geographical isolation of these events means the opportunity for imaging comes relatively rarely. Even then, no photograph of a total solar eclipse can come close to replicating the experience of being in the moons shadow

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4 December 2002
Total Solar Eclipse
South Australian Outback

29 March 2006
Total Solar Eclipse
Libyan Desert South of Tobruk
Northern Africa

22 July 2009
Total Solar Eclipse

28 August 2007
Total Lunar Eclipse
Central Otago
New Zealand

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11 July 2010
Total Solar Eclipse
Hikueru Atoll
French Polynesia

15 June 2011
Total Lunar Eclipse
The Crown Range
New Zealand

14 November 2012
Total Solar Eclipse
Northern Queensland

6 June 2012
Transit of Venus
New Zealand

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